Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Ubuntu 15.04 and Ralink rt61pci Problem

Basically I have very slow connection rate, from 1Mb/s to 11Mb/s or mostly no connection at all with this combination.  Prior to 15.04, 14.04 LTS or 14.10, the WiFi connection has been pretty stable and the quality has been satisfactory, I don't think I ever reach the 54Mb/s rate but at least I got some where at 20Mb/s.  (My WiFi connected MacBook Pro get more than 50Mb/s and noticeably faster)

I thought ndiswrapper would be the solution.  Alas it was, only momentarily.

So the struggle continues.

PS: I should have left it at 14.10 because seemingly the WiFi is solid and I have no random reboots like I have had on 14.04 LTS

PPS:  In addition to the WiFi problem, I have had a few random reboots in 15.04 already.

PPPS:  Shotwell unequivocally continues to suck.  Part of the library continues to disappear, the import is still very very problematic.  I wonder does anybody ever get it to work like normally?  Part of my motivation to get on board to 15.04 was to see if Shotwell would work better.  Now I know.

PPPPS: So in a nutshell, the 15.04 offers no benefits to me.

NOTES TO SELF: back in 2010  this is where I got the idea.  Unfortunately just like one of them, the ndiswrapper doesn't quite work for me, it drops connection just like the Linux driver installed originally. manufacturer's support site

Thursday, July 23, 2015

2015 Kissena Twilight Series Week 14

This is done with pan.  The yield should be higher if only I remember to stay very focus, and just follow and predict where the movement is going to be.

UPDATE:  If you feel like you haven't suffered enough, you can check our the About Me page, My Instagram and Facebook account has the full collection.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Sunpak auto 120J

Every so often, I got myself into some photographic gear obsession.  My latest infatuation is the bare bulb flash from Sunpak from many many years ago.  I got one with a hair line crack which turns out a bit worse than I thought or led to believe on the listing.  Whenever I pivot the head, the casing moves and the crack actually expands.

So I got myself a little project.  I got myself some epoxy.  I could have just applied it on the crack.  But I thought it would be cool and more thorough to disassemble the flash to apply the epoxy.

I know I am not a handy kind of man when it comes, actually everything.  Still I go ahead.  Because I need to desk adventure or maybe I secretly wish I would screw up.  The moment I opened it was the moment I regretted it.  But I never learned.  I applied the epoxy when inhaling the toxic fume and got my fingers glued together.  Next time if there is a next time, I will wear gloves.  I waited for the following day before I put the casing back together.

A picture is worth a thousand words.  So here we go.  A bunch of iPhone pictures.

I only disassembled the base and mostly the top half.  Lucky that there wasn't any electronic part to fix.  But just to open it up and putting it back together is such an ordeal, for me, anyway.

I was pretty much sure I couldn't put it back together.  But lucky me.

Well I hope the pictures will be of some help to some folks.  I did try to search on service manual or repair manual or any diagram or pictures but to no avail.  I dare not nor do I need to open the head.  So I guess the pictures won't be a lot of help.

Do it any your own risk.  You may get electrocuted by simply opening the case.

Saturday, July 18, 2015


I wish AirDrop can work like 99% of the time.  As of now, AirDrop kind of works like maybe I don't know, when it feels like it.

After I processed my Instagram pictures, I just AirDrop it to my iPhone 5s so I can upload them accordingly.  I really like the Instagram way of doing thing.  They will only support desktop upload until hell freezes over.  I really admire the stubbornness if not anything else.

Back to AirDrop, it really works mysteriously--for ignorant people like myself almost anything works mysteriously.  Initially I thought AirDrop works with Wi Fi but I notice when I turn on AirDrop it also turns on Bluetooth.  So I have no idea.  I think it gives more trouble with iPhone 6--again it does work but with extreme temperament.  My experience is AirDrop works actually better with iPhone 5s.  I am talking about MacBook Pro with iPhone here.  Though I have heard some people claiming AirDrop is meant for iOS devices only.  To those people I'd like to say go to have fun with yourself.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Drive in Theater

About to watch Inside Out and the latest Terminator at the Warwick Drive-in Theater.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Red Bull Mini Drome NYC 2015

A video

I am not sure how good or bad, most likely bad it would appear here.  They are mostly from still pictures with a bit of video here and there in this 44 second edit.  I mean to make it a high energy edit so it's kind of fast and loud and only 44 seconds short.  Every time I edit any video it's a new experience to me.  Like I forgot everything I learned.  There is always some hiccup something unexpected.  Things got a little bit easier as I think iMovie is rather stable compared to Cinelerra.  And having a quad core and 16GB of RAM certainly helps.  I used to take a shower when I hit rendering.  It just took a long time to render.  Now it's just fast.

Head directly YouTube I guess the video quality is better.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Finally I sat myself down to do some watermark script using ImageMagic.  Again it was some hack job, I didn't know what I was doing, just to make it work.  Being a no talent self important least necessary photographer, some watermarking is absolutely essential for my ego.  I don't know why I waited all these years to actually watermark my images.

Almost all of my images were taken at ISO800.  I found this ISO very much usable or usable without involving any Photoshop wizardry which I have none and in turn I can save on my flash power.  High ISO upto 800 doesn't cost me anything.  I loaded my SB-600 with fresh batteries before going to the event.  I think after some three hundred shots in iTTL, the recycling time became a bit of a problem if I were to shoot consecutively in less than 3 seconds.  The SB-600 performed admirably.  This was the only time I shot the entire event in iTTL, almost exclusively.  Not to miss any shot, I took the fresh batteries from the Metz I brought with me but didn't use, and put them into my SB-600.

... to be continued.

I used a CB min bracket, SC-17 cable for my SB-600, my usual setup.  There isn't really any empirical evidence that the lighting is better this way but I just feel like this is a cooler way to shoot on camera flash.  So psychologically it works for me.

And I don't put any, in my mind, silly dome to cover the flash head to make the light softer.  And I certainly didn't bounce my flash as the ceiling was like 50 feet above.  I just don't understand why some people chose to tilt their flashhead when the ceiling was 50 feet above.  There are so many things I don't understand.  The flashhead as it was, in my bare naked eye, didn't produce any hotspot on the face.  Though I must say I in most cases, tuned down the the camera and flash exposure and power to minus -0.7.  I always prefer under to over exposure.