Friday, October 24, 2014


Just give it another chance.  Why not?
it took about an hour to download and install the latest and possibly the greatest OS X.

Hopefully this MBP will last, unlike the iBook I had eon ago.  Maybe I shouldn't have said that but here it goes.  This one is bought refurbished directly from Apple.  The model was first released in June 2012, according to some web site OKAY not just some web site, this mid 2012 model is probably the last of its kind that is user upgradable.  The newer retina display models aren't all that user upgradable.  The machine looks new to me.  The battery has 2 cycle counts and I don't see anything that looks or feels old--I read somewhere "most" of the refurbished items are just unsold inventory or actual returned items with battery and case changed.  The machine is cling wrapped.  Almost immediately I upgraded the whatever OS X there to Yosemite and upgraded or downloaded many of the free apps like iPhoto and such.  I haven't heard any noise from the machine or feeling the heat from the palm rest area.  So all is well.  The machine is not cheap but hey it's 38% less than the sticker price; while most are just 15% off which I don't find so appealing.  I did some research on eBay even with no sales tax collected and I don't think I can get this peace of mind and condition from any eBay sellers for a machine like this.

Finally, at long last, I can use iMovie to edit my movie.  Well it doesn't make a whole lot of sense but hey that's me.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Nikon HB-8 Hood

This is as expensive as it's hard to find. I guess it's not hard to find if you are willing to pay up for a hood. I have a "for" Nikon hood which is just another way of saying, hey it's is not a genuine Nikon hood but it works, kind of or hopefully. When I bought my used Nikon 20-35, it comes with the or a hood. I thought it's a Nikon hood as it doesn't say non-manufactured like it says with other stuff. Oh well it turns out it's a "for" Nikon hood. It's not tight and quite easily comes off. Imagine you play to be some professional and then the hood comes off, how embarrassing. I wonder if it's because of its used condition or because the nature of it being a twist click on and being plastic. Some of my hoods or shades are metal, threaded or spring loaded threaded and they are pretty secured. Of course there are always some exceptions. I have one hood (HK-2) for the 24mm which is a crazy a-screw-tight-on-the-side type. And the screw broke pretty much right away. Sure I bought it used. Fortunately the vendor gave me a refund. I think the HB-8 hood is almost a necessity for the 20-35 unless you are into ghost and flare. A genuine used HB-8 is selling for almost $30. Ouch!