Wednesday, July 03, 2013

George Lam or His song or both Considered "stale" by Some

I can't believe George Lam would ever be associated with "old soil."  But hey you never know.  I am also intrigued by the fact that one can actually complain about how "old soil" a song is to some government agencyTVB.  (I guess I got confused and mixed up with another reportage on the same article about Rubber Band or eraser or something)  Judging from Lam's getup below, there might be cause for concern.  I guess he can do whatever he wants, because you know he is Ah Lam.  He seems to be wearing the same jacket and pants since 1945, oh well.  And personally, I wouldn't button up the bottom button of any jacket, ever.  But that's just me.

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