Saturday, January 19, 2013

Me Fixing the Odyssey 2001 Sliding Door

The sliding door hasn't been working since the snow on New Year day.  And I didn't bother to fix it.  And this time around it simply didn't fix itself when the temperature became warmer.  Today I finally got to see my mechanic on my way to Home Cheapot.  My mechanic told me I needed to re-seat the battery so as to reset the electronics of the power sliding door.  But he needed to have the code to unlock or lock the alarm system, which I didn't have it committed to memory nor did I have it with me 24 by 7.  Anyway, being the least handy man on earth, I am very reluctant to un-seat the gigantic battery myself, anytime I need to use a wrench and a screw driver is just too much, plus adding electricity to the mix just gave me pause.
I did my Google search on this problem some time before but never before did I find this easy fix:  pull fuse number 13 and push it back in.  I was ecstatic to read that except I had no idea where fuse 13 is.  Further search returned the result I was looking for.  The fuse is located on the right hand side of the front passenger leg well.  It's definitely  meant to be user serviceable.  I tried to pull it out with my bare hand but it was too snug, so I wondered if I needed a pair of pliers or something; at the same time, I was wary that I might break something if I didn't pull it out properly.  The manual came to my rescue.  Actually there is a fuse puller provided, inside the fuse box under the hood on the messenger side.  Armed with the fuse puller, a torch light (my eyesight isn't great) I was able to pull fuse #13 which says nothing about the sliding door but does say clock on the manual.  I pulled it out using the fuse puller and plugged in back in after some 30 seconds or 1 minute.  And everything just worked.  The power sliding door roared back to life.

Thanks Internet, thanks Google.  And a big thank to myself.

Warning:  if you somehow, screwed up, destroyed your car, causing property damage, injury, or even death to yourself or others, you are solely responsible for your own stupidity and misery, not me.


  1. You're the man! I venture to suggest, Robert, that you might as well pull out fuse No. 12 and 14 then push them back without doing much damage to your Honda workhorse either.

  2. dude, i am not that handy at all, now i don't even know what 12 and 14 are.

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